my life be like oooh ahh.

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Wow, it's been quite some time since i've written on this. Life has got away from me! With college and work I have been beyond busy. 
Well I'll do a quick catch up and get into more serious stuff.  I am on IV antibiotics as my infection in my nose has still not gone away and has moved into my lungs now. So I'm on IV for two months.  I had my home health nurse come in this morning, she was great and super nice! I have had some good nurses and bad and she is the best so far! Well thats about it for me.
Tonight is my highschool's winter formal. I didn't have the heart to go this year, and being that I just recently got a picc line, it was probably a good thing I decided to go.  I went to the beginning part of the formal to take pictures with some of my friends and my brother.  I was blown away by the amazingly beautiful dressed up girls and guys! I must say, people sure can clean up nice. :) I just want to share something that touched my heart beyond words, such a simple act of kindness. I have an amazing friend named Jordyn. I became good friends with her in the 7th grade and since then we have been inseperable until this year. As I took a different path in life, that led me to do PostSecondary Enrollement in college, our distance has grown.  Growing up the past few years she has been my rock, and my joy to be around! She is so beautiful! Anyone will get blown away by her beauty.  This year, my senior and her senior year, I have missed her more than anyone. Life has gotten us so caught up in the world that time to be taken out of my day to spend with her has slowly been passed by.  But tonight she did something that blew my heart away. As she came in with all her friends and her lovely date, she gave me a hug and asked to come with her to the bathroom.  Silly right?  To be asked to come to the bathroom with someone? but what an amazing thing it was to me! That after quite some time, she wanted me to be by her side! me!  This just told me that she still accepts me and will never let me go. Just like I will never let her go.  I sometimes wish I could do more to show her how much she still deeply means to me, but I never feel anything is good enough. I love you Jordyn.
I'm writting this to show what a simple act of randomness can do to someone. :)  After what felt like a miserable day, just the little question if I would come to the bathroom with her just lifted everything from that day.  It may seem so silly without actually being in my shoes.  But if someone ment this much to you as a friend and sister, a simple question to be by her side is the best. (picture below of me and her at formal)
Take time to ask someone a simple request to accompany you to a cup of coffee or to sit and watch a movie, ya never know it may change their world. :)

sincerely, Kelsey.

Show Your Pearly Whites.

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I visited Kayla today.  She amazes me every time I see her.  After four days on bed rest and somewhat going bedrest bored crazy, she still laughs at my not so funny jokes, still says please and thank you when I wait on her, and makes me feel so appreciated after washing her sheets by saying "I just love getting in to a bed with clean sheets."  Just the little known fact of herself that she shared with me, lit up my day knowing that she gets to enjoy her newly cleaned sheets.  Her strive for life and the life of her baby in the womb amazes me! After everything she goes through she still finds time and energy to encourage me in my life and my relationships. (:  Having her as a sister is overwhelming. I love you Kayla.
PS- If you don't know her, you are missing out. :) get to know her, you wont regret it.

I wanted to share this poem that my dad read to my family at the dinner table tonight.  This is such an amazing way to look at life. I hope it inspires you as it reminded me of why I love to share a smile with everyone. :)

"Pack Your Smile"
By: Idella Pearl Edwards

Be prepared for the journey of life,
Mile after mile after mile.
Though the journey contains good and bad,
Remember to pack your smile.

Whether you're sailing on the deep, blue sea
Or sitting alone in the dark,
The Spirit can give you a smile for your face
And joy in the depth of your heart.

No matter what comes, no matter what goes,
Remember God's there all the while.
He loves you so and He's in control,
So remember to pack your smile.

The World Around Us.

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He sat by himself tonight, in booth 5. In the back corner away from the world.  He ordered a glass of pepsi, something simple.  He pulled out his paper for the day and sipped on his pop.  Never saying a word. I watched as he flipped from one page to the next and wondered why he was by himself.  Did he lose his wife to cancer? Was he devorced?  What did he do for Christmas if he was by himself?  Thoughts continued to run through my head as he took one sip after another.  He left me a 50 cent tip, 50 cents more than I deserved.  I had not taken the time to ask him how is day was.  How Christmas was.  I was in my own little world as I served him his Pepsi.
Just thought I'd share this story with you as an inspiration to reach out next time to someone, as I wish I would have.

The other day while at the post office I was picking up a package that had been sent to me by an amazing friend of mine.  While there the post office clerk goes "Someone loves you very much, they spent a lot of money to get this to you by Christmas."  My face lit up and filled with tears as I shared with her where and why this package was coming from.  She responded by telling me how many people's lives I have touched and changed by my never ending smile and drive for life.  She lifted my spirits as she blessed me with encouraging words of what an amazing young lady I am.  But one thing she said was how unfair it is that such a beautiful young lady has to struggle with Cystic Fibrosis as I do. 

Her words struck me deep as I kept on thinking about it that day.  CF is not a curse, as many people think it is, but a blessing in disguise.  This 'blessing' is nothing I need to be moping around feeling sorry for myself for. As we all struggle with our own troubles always remember that someone has it worse off then you do and God can handle anything in our lives.  If I could of had a response to the post-office clerk, if it hadn't for me being overwhelmed by her encouragement, I would of told her how my beautifulness (if that is a word) is driven by the will to live and the will to live for God.  Shining His light even through the darkest of days that come my way.  My spunk and personality was a gift from the One above and I can't fathom the thought of wasting that gift.  

I am living a life for others, as I like to tell myself when I'm not taking pills or doing treatments (for myself).  I accept and treasure all the kindness I'm shown every day of my life, but if I'm your role model, just imagine how great my role models are and how amazing my number one role model is, Jesus.  What a beautiful sight.

The Beauty of Silence.

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All I can hear around me is silence, well and my air purifier and a snow blower outside, but that is besides the point haha.  I've been very moved lately by the beauty of silence.  I sometimes just stay awake at night and listen to well, nothing.  But it's the most beautiful sound that God created.  Life has gotten so busy for everyone lately, including me.  From working, to being with friends, to being on facebook, to the never ending texts and calls to stay in contact with people I sometimes get lost in myself and as I like to put it, "run around with my head chopped off."  Recently I had all four of my wisdom teeth out (the picture is me with ice wrapped around my cheeks) and my oh my it was not enjoyable by any means.  But I spent four days at home keeping myself busy doing.....nothing. But it was the best way to use my time.  I spent time laying in bed, reading the Bible, doing my treatments and most of all just spending time with myself and God.  These past few years have been so hectic in my life as I have been transitioning to college and working with my Diabetes that in a way I lost myself in it all.  The four days I was home I was able to in a way "introduce" myself to me again.  I contemplated the things I love to do that I have not done for many years, for example play my violin.  God created us for His being and when we lose sight of His plan for our lives and lose sight of who we are that He created us to be, we need to step back and listen to the beauty of silence. 
As 2010 is coming right around the corner, I challenge you to get familiar with yourself again, and the plans God has for you.  Let the world go for a day and just be with yourself.  God has blessed you so you can be a blessing,  take advantage of that. :)