Show Your Pearly Whites.

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I visited Kayla today.  She amazes me every time I see her.  After four days on bed rest and somewhat going bedrest bored crazy, she still laughs at my not so funny jokes, still says please and thank you when I wait on her, and makes me feel so appreciated after washing her sheets by saying "I just love getting in to a bed with clean sheets."  Just the little known fact of herself that she shared with me, lit up my day knowing that she gets to enjoy her newly cleaned sheets.  Her strive for life and the life of her baby in the womb amazes me! After everything she goes through she still finds time and energy to encourage me in my life and my relationships. (:  Having her as a sister is overwhelming. I love you Kayla.
PS- If you don't know her, you are missing out. :) get to know her, you wont regret it.

I wanted to share this poem that my dad read to my family at the dinner table tonight.  This is such an amazing way to look at life. I hope it inspires you as it reminded me of why I love to share a smile with everyone. :)

"Pack Your Smile"
By: Idella Pearl Edwards

Be prepared for the journey of life,
Mile after mile after mile.
Though the journey contains good and bad,
Remember to pack your smile.

Whether you're sailing on the deep, blue sea
Or sitting alone in the dark,
The Spirit can give you a smile for your face
And joy in the depth of your heart.

No matter what comes, no matter what goes,
Remember God's there all the while.
He loves you so and He's in control,
So remember to pack your smile.